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Please Fill out Licence Form Below


Child LICENCE Order Form

Please fully complete this license/contract application form, include the correct payment: Please note that you are licensing to race for Swaffham Raceway, a subsidiary trading name of Ringwood Raceway Ltd, racing at Swaffham raceway you agree that you understand that Swaffham raceway license is actually covered fully through Ringwood Raceway Ltd, All insurances and licenses are through the parent company of Ringwood Raceway Ltd and not Swaffham Raceway Ltd, to confirm you are a Swaffham Raceway License holder Swaffham raceway is a trading name of Ringwood Raceway Ltd, and all monies received for license’s will be payable to Swaffham Raceway Ltd account but you fully understand that this is income revenue only related. Child License £50.00  this fee is for my main formula only, the license fee is to register with the promoter, separately, a fee of £20 is payable on race day.

I am aware that an additional fee of £20 is payable for each additional formula that I intend to race. And upgrade my license.

This contract will run from March 1st 2024 and will terminate on the 30th November 2024 unless terminated sooner in accordance with the    terms of this contract. Licences fees are payable to cover administration costs for your racing and not to guarantee amount of meetings, this means we can terminate any licence at any period or at any time with no notice or refund, I the undersigned, apply to race and licence with Swaffham Raceway Ltd and its associated raceways and affiliations, who promote Stock Car, Banger racing and Motorsports events.



If you answered YES to any of the above medical questions A DOCTORS LETTER WILL BE REQUIRED prior to a racing licence being granted.

I Also Authorise Swaffham Raceway LTD to Send me any marketing information and to use my email and personal information for any purpose necessary  and agree that they can pass this information to a third party in any instance for example county ambulance service, Police should they need any information 

Upload File
Upload File

We look forward to you racing with us during the coming race season.

Thanks for your order!

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